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Muse:forward founder, Cult of Orpheus producer/composer

Muse:forward Emerging Music Salon: Sunday May 18’s an energy underground striving to get aloft… Sonic textures, new composed works, improvisations, experiments, interactive events, songs that stretch form and genre.

The first Muse:forward Emerging Music Salon will happen Sunday May 18 at the Waypost, at 7 pm. The event has a curated hour followed by an open format. Anyone who feels their sonic art would be better suited in an emerging-music context than in a traditional open mic or new band night is welcome to participate.

The night is called a “salon” because it isn’t just for performance. As a think-tank, Muse:forward wants to foster conversations and new collaborations in the Portland underground art-music scene.

We hope to make this a monthly event. See you there!


Pay your wage: a Muse:forward campaign

It’s been a quick think-tanking, but after discussing the brainstorm with a half-dozen trusted and committed people in the local arts scene I’m feeling really confident in the first tangible idea to come out of Muse:forward: PAY YOUR WAGE.

A fix for deflated cover charges, the idea is that we adopt a new norm, a standard sliding scale, for going to shows: pay what you would make in an hour. If that’s minimum wage cool, if you make more that’s great, chip in a little more. This could transform our deflated arts economy overnight in a way that is fair.

But this isn’t a price-hike by bands or venues — it’s an opt-in system like tipping at a restaurant, so it’s all about buy-in from all of us when we go to shows. The great part is, there’s nothing preventing it from starting right now: if you go to a $5 show and pay $9 or $15, they aren’t going to turn it down! But to make it count, we need to let everyone know about the plan and get everyone on board.

It’s a bottom-up fix and in the spirit of the Portland community. Please feel free to share and distribute this image!