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Worldwide In C this Sunday at the Waypost!

The 50th anniversary of Terry Riley’s In C is being celebrated far and wide on Sunday Dec. 21, and Muse:forward is happy to be hosting a performance at our monthly emerging-music salon at the Waypost.

We will be setting up and talking about the piece at 6:30 and plan to start the performance pretty close to 7 pm, so please join us then – let’s see how full of musicians  and sound we can make the space!

You can find the score of In C here.

And of course we’ll have our usual emerging-music open performance time starting at 8 pm, so with all those musicians in the house I expect this will be a third Sunday to remember. See you then!

Oh, and if you like, invite your friends on the Facebook event page.



Great sounds at The Waypost

Thanks to everyone who participated and made the first Muse:forward emerging music salon a big success!

The Waypost hosts Muse:forward every third Sunday.

The Waypost hosts Muse:forward every third Sunday.

We had around 40 people in the Waypost at one point, with a few people standing in the entry hall or lingering out the courtyard door to take in the performances.

Matthew Fort morphs the intense soundscape of "Chernobyl '86"

Matthew Bambas mutates the intense sonic energy of “Chernobyl ’86”

Thirteen performers in all delivered their sound-craft, which ranged from the solo piano compositions of Thomas DiNicola and Josh Kreydatus to the sonic energy-wall of Matthew’s Bambas’ “Chernobyl ’86”.

The evening began with works by composer Emyli Poltorak.  The first piece, a dance collaboration with electronic composer Nikko Geise, featured live cello antagonized by cutting and shifting electronic textures. The second, “Alpha Beta”, was composed as a music game based on letters of the alphabet, with words taken from the Wikipedia article “History of the Alphabet.

John Berendsen's robophone textures are still playing as he adds piano.

John Berendzen’s robophone textures are still playing as he adds piano.

John Berendzen then filled the room with mesmerizing layers of sound from the robophone, an instrument he invented involving a horn, an arduino processor, bluetooth, sound-looping software and other geek secrets. Not your regular stage act, the ambient experience was heightened as Berendzen meandered through the room with the instrument, shifting the way sound filled space. The audience was entranced but also encouraged to talk and move about.

The total of thirteen performers also included composers Thomas DiNicola and Josh Kreydatus performing their own works on piano, the astounding piano/saxophone McCulley-Falconer Duo, song-craft by Kela Parker, accordion-and-voice performance by Liam Barnes, some haunting guitar and vocal work by Ethan Matthews, and a little computer-rendered randomized music by composer/software-engineer (and your Muse:forward blogger) Christopher Corbell.

Emily Poltorak and friends perform her game-piece "Alpha Beta"

Emily Poltorak and friends perform her game-piece “Alpha Beta”

We couldn’t have asked for a more fun and diverse kick-off to this monthly series. More to come in June!

Muse:forward welcomes musicians and sonic artists who might not fit into a regular acoustic open mic, new band night or genre-specific jam. Ambient, experimental, compositional, improvisational and electronic works welcome. To stay in touch with this emerging community, join our  mailing list on GroupSpaces.


Press Release: Muse:forward Emerging Music series begins May 18

attn: music, experimental music, arts scene
Portland, OR • May 2, 2014
Event Details:
Muse:forward Emerging Music Salon
Experimental, Ambient, Improvisational, Compositional, Mixed-genre
The Waypost – 3120 N. Williams Ave., Portland, OR, 97227
Sunday May 18
7 pm
21 and over
No cover • donations go to artists

Emerging-music think-tank hosts genre-defying new music salon

Monthly event at the Waypost will give underground new-music afficionados an informal meeting place
On Sunday, May 18, the first Muse:forward Emerging Music Salon night will take place at The Waypost. As described on the Muse:forward Blog, the event is being designed as common ground for experimental, ambient, electronic, improvisatory and compositional artists:
“There’s an energy underground striving to get aloft… Sonic textures, new composed works, improvisations, experiments, interactive events, songs that stretch form and genre.”

The event will include an hour of showcase performances by selected artists each month, followed by 90 minutes of open-mic-style ad hoc performances. As the blog announcement states, “Anyone who feels their sonic art would be better suited in an emerging-music context than in a traditional open mic or new band night is welcome to participate.”

Classical Revolution PDX director seeks to bring “chamber jam” success to new music
Composer and CRPDX Executive Director Christopher Corbell founded Muse:forward as an emerging music think-tank at the beginning of 2014. Devoted to “emerging music community and economy”, the nascent effort has begun to garner attention for its “Pay Your Wage” sliding-scale campaign to increase club musician compensation. With this new Emerging Music Salon, Muse:forward takes its first step into active new-music community-building and presentation.
As a composer of both classicist chamber music and new music in many genres, Corbell has actively encouraged local composers to participate in Classical Revolution PDX chamber jams during his year as director. The casual gatherings of the alt-classical group were creating something like a “club scene” for young emerging composers, even as more traditionally-minded members of the community began voicing displeasure with the eclipse of more traditional repertoire.
Corbell hopes the Muse:forward event on third Sundays at The Waypost will diffuse some of the contention between what pianist Maria Choban has referred to as “The Futurists and the Librarians” in the alternative chamber-music scene.
“Having a releatively unscripted and informal place for new music to emerge is really important I think. It’s why underground rock is perennial. It was a blast to see young composers start making things happen at CRPDX chamber jams, and kind of a bummer to see so many traditionalists respond negatively to what was emerging. I’m hoping these new music nights will protect the momentum of this scene. These composers are connecting directly with audiences and don’t have the rarefied air of the conservatories – in fact they seem to be allergic to recital halls.
At the same time I know some great artists who wouldn’t consider participating in CRPDX because of the word “Classical”, who are doing more avant-garde things, with more sonic exploration and improvisation. Muse:forward is definitely as much for them as for those who still have a good time putting dots on staff paper.”
– Christopher Corbell, Muse:forward founder
info (at)
Muse:forward is a Fractured-Atlas-sponsored artistic project in Portland, OR

Muse:forward Emerging Music Salon: Sunday May 18’s an energy underground striving to get aloft… Sonic textures, new composed works, improvisations, experiments, interactive events, songs that stretch form and genre.

The first Muse:forward Emerging Music Salon will happen Sunday May 18 at the Waypost, at 7 pm. The event has a curated hour followed by an open format. Anyone who feels their sonic art would be better suited in an emerging-music context than in a traditional open mic or new band night is welcome to participate.

The night is called a “salon” because it isn’t just for performance. As a think-tank, Muse:forward wants to foster conversations and new collaborations in the Portland underground art-music scene.

We hope to make this a monthly event. See you there!